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From whence we came ...

Here is a little History to Le Race and the Club races that preceded it.

The below spreadsheet was provided by Roger Fowler (Living Cycling Legend) and the names and winners have been compiled by him off various Cups and Trophies. 
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Below are a few Pictures of the unusual Avon Club Trophy that Riders rode for between 1935-1980.  It currently sits in the Akaroa Museum and it was gifted to the Avon Club by the Akaroa Progress League.  It was gifted back in the 1980's and is on display to this day in the museum.  

It has been hand made of local hardwood and has a silver inlay of the race route on the top.  

Some Points to Note:
Emille (Jock) Jayet (1948 winner) was the son of a Frenchman who rode in the amateur section of the first Tour de France in 1903.         
The road was mostly shingle in 1935 and was finally fully sealed in 1959.         
The race till after 1958 was Christchurch - Akaroa on Saturday, Akaroa to Christchurch Labour day Monday.         
It later changed to there and back on the same day with an hour and a half break for lunch which was hard on tired legs as the Takamatua climb is just 1km from the start of the return journey.         
1972 was stop for lunch and re-start with same gaps as when they finished the first stage.         
1977 - 1981 might have been there and back non-stop, 1980 was.

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